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  • Bath Fitter

    2013-12-15 10:13:32(by Bath Fitter )
    Bathroom Remodelling

    Bath Remodeling & Replacement If your current bathtub is a one-piece fiberglass or plastic unit, we can replace it with a beautiful Bath Fitter acrylic bathtub and matching one-piece wall system. If not, your new Bath Fitter bathtub liner and wall system will be custom-made to fit perfectly over your existing fixtures.

  • Bytown Paving

    2013-08-11 17:33:48(by Bytown Paving )

    Home / About COMPANY HISTORY Bytown Paving was established in 1989 and today we offer professionally managed projects and services to both residential and large scale commercial customers. Our owners and managers have been in the construction/ hard landscaping industry for over twenty years. OUR PHILOSOPHY More than 30% of our business is based on referral; therefore your satisfaction is key to helping us continue to be successful and reach new customers. In keeping with this idea, we are pleased to offer group discounts for neighbors who wish to organize and have their multiple projects done at the same time.

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